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Author Topic: Spartancoin is Giving away a Samsung Tab 3 7.0 Tablet!!!  (Read 1397 times)

April 25, 2014, 05:08:14 PM
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Go to Facebook and share the post and start voting on Post your voting range on facebook only please.

Spartancoin Samsung Tab 3 Contest!!!

We would like to present everyone the opportunity to win a Samsung Tab 3. The rules of the contest are as follows. Be the person with the most votes on mintpal to win. The contest will last until Spartancoin is at the top and is selected by mintpal to be added on the exchange.

Q. How do I enter?
A. 1. You must share this post. and
2. Open a mintpal account if you do not have one and vote for spartancoin.

Q. How do I verify my votes?
A. You must list here the range that you voted. Should be in blocks of 5. Example is: 22490 - 22495.

Q. What if someone sends the same range as me?
A. Whoever submits the range here 1st gets credit. So when you vote it is recommended to post here immediately.

Q. Do I vote for Spartancoin?
A. Definitely. Thats our coin and the only way to get credit.

Q. When does the contest end?
A. It ends when we are added to mintpal.

Q. Can I send in bitcoin to vote instead?
A. Yes you may vote with Bitcoin. You can either send the BTC to me and I will submit it, or you can private message me as we will need to verify it with the blockchain. Do not post your info here. This is only for free voting.

There is a limit of 5 free votes an hour, so we should be able to track this properly. If you have multiple mintpal accounts and can vote more than 5 an hour we may have issues if your range and someone elses overlaps. We will address these issues if and when they arrive. Again please post your range immediately in this thread as to avoid someone else claiming your votes. Thank you everyone and good luck. Any questions private message me and save this thread for votes only. will be easier to monitor.

***Facebook, Samsung and are not affiliated with this contest. ***

*** We will be analyzing the ranges posted with the times posted to help sway off cheating. If anyone is caught cheating they will be removed from the contest. We hope everyone will be fair and honest. Spartan Honor System ***

All questions and comments need to be directed to us at spartancoin.