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Spartan Dice Game is almost complete!!!


We are working out the last of the updates on the SpartanDice game. (3-4 days for tentative release date) We will be needing some funding with it so if anyone can donate to the initial pot so the coin has a backing that would be awesome. As noted before, our updates in the site before release is something we think will add a huge benefit as more and more people use the game. No spoilers yet.

SpartanDice donation address: S5pYYo8UeLBLNUpDQBWqNtKMzDxoPfNHYF

Also.... We are also working out the details for investment opportunity to help in ongoing development in the site. Once that is flushed out we will release the details there as well. AND.... we will be looking to have a partial distribution to ICO holders barring a positive SPN earnings from the dice game. This is one of the benefits of the Phase 1 ICO holders.

Finally...we will be hosting a facebook giveaway to entice some more voting. (possibly a tablet giveaway) Darktrix and a few others will be helping with the promoting of the contest.

Once i'm verified on amazon i am going to spend a bit of cash to mine on ec2 32 cores 60GB of ram for about 6 hours and i should have plenty of coins to gamble with. I am greatly looking forward to betting to my hearts content.

Just threw 10k coins to the pool, its not much, but hey.

10k sent to the pot. Thank you.

I'm so exited for the site to be online! Will it be online this weekend?


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