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Hello everyone  I did not know you had a site... I have been posting on bitcointalk.

I feel so stupid lol

All good. We have been trying to get the word out about the forum. We would like to turn the focus he and have is more focused on Spartancoin without all the other stuff. Thank you for the support.

yea the forum was a bit difficult to find but the big thing that is bugging me so far is there is no gambling i have not seen a post anywhere about it. Will they have a dice game or something similar because i have quite a few people who just mine coins so they can gamble with them.

Do you know if they plan on working on this or not?  But for now i'm off to bed good night Spartans!!! C u Tommro

Yes we have a dice game made. But we are adding something to before we release it. projected to be finished in 4 days.

Awesome! I have been mining all night trying to get as many spn as i can to gamble with. I leased a instance at amazon to help mine.


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