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SMF - Just Installed!


April 15, 2014, 06:00:14 PM
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hello everybody
today i'm decided to quit's just because i'm not able to's very hard for me.
it's not my fault or the fault of's my country (TUNISIA).she makes a hard life for me and sure for all of who live in.Tired to take vps trial for few days for mining.tired to mine with my G105m for 160sat per day.and after that loose coins in creepy trading sites.
i'm sorry to tell that but crypto is not for me.
my last bets was buying asic miners but in my country we are not able to ship that kind of materials because our customs services dont accept them.then it was spartancoin.i mined it with a rig leased in leaserig and i have 1m spn now but it stuck at 1sat now.and with all this day in reflection i decided to quit this road because even if spn grows in price,i will not be able to continue.i will not be able to buy equipement.nothing works here in my country;paypal,moneybookers,visa,mastercard.
enough talking and sorry for all this words.goodbye everybody and fairwell.
hope you the best and sunny days for SPN
i will donate my coins if anyone want them.PM me,i will check my messages from time to time.

April 24, 2014, 01:52:37 PM
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I'm sorry i hope things improve for you and i understand the problems loosing coins. The only alt coin i have left is Spartan Coin because they have not released the dice site yet but to be truthful i had to google your country i had never heard of it. But i wish you the best and if you have any coins i would hold on to them maby they can help you out some day if the coins gain a value!!!