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Go to Facebook and share the post and start voting on Post your voting range on facebook only please.

Spartancoin Samsung Tab 3 Contest!!!

We would like to present everyone the opportunity to win a Samsung Tab 3. The rules of the contest are as follows. Be the person with the most votes on mintpal to win. The contest will last until Spartancoin is at the top and is selected by mintpal to be added on the exchange.

Q. How do I enter?
A. 1. You must share this post. and
2. Open a mintpal account if you do not have one and vote for spartancoin.

Q. How do I verify my votes?
A. You must list here the range that you voted. Should be in blocks of 5. Example is: 22490 - 22495.

Q. What if someone sends the same range as me?
A. Whoever submits the range here 1st gets credit. So when you vote it is recommended to post here immediately.

Q. Do I vote for Spartancoin?
A. Definitely. Thats our coin and the only way to get credit.

Q. When does the contest end?
A. It ends when we are added to mintpal.

Q. Can I send in bitcoin to vote instead?
A. Yes you may vote with Bitcoin. You can either send the BTC to me and I will submit it, or you can private message me as we will need to verify it with the blockchain. Do not post your info here. This is only for free voting.

There is a limit of 5 free votes an hour, so we should be able to track this properly. If you have multiple mintpal accounts and can vote more than 5 an hour we may have issues if your range and someone elses overlaps. We will address these issues if and when they arrive. Again please post your range immediately in this thread as to avoid someone else claiming your votes. Thank you everyone and good luck. Any questions private message me and save this thread for votes only. will be easier to monitor.

***Facebook, Samsung and are not affiliated with this contest. ***

*** We will be analyzing the ranges posted with the times posted to help sway off cheating. If anyone is caught cheating they will be removed from the contest. We hope everyone will be fair and honest. Spartan Honor System ***

All questions and comments need to be directed to us at spartancoin.

Spartancoin - News / Spartan Dice Game is almost complete!!!
« on: April 24, 2014, 08:39:25 AM »
We are working out the last of the updates on the SpartanDice game. (3-4 days for tentative release date) We will be needing some funding with it so if anyone can donate to the initial pot so the coin has a backing that would be awesome. As noted before, our updates in the site before release is something we think will add a huge benefit as more and more people use the game. No spoilers yet.

SpartanDice donation address: S5pYYo8UeLBLNUpDQBWqNtKMzDxoPfNHYF

Also.... We are also working out the details for investment opportunity to help in ongoing development in the site. Once that is flushed out we will release the details there as well. AND.... we will be looking to have a partial distribution to ICO holders barring a positive SPN earnings from the dice game. This is one of the benefits of the Phase 1 ICO holders.

Finally...we will be hosting a facebook giveaway to entice some more voting. (possibly a tablet giveaway) Darktrix and a few others will be helping with the promoting of the contest.

Sponsorship Campaigns / Please Read before posting!!!
« on: April 16, 2014, 12:14:33 AM »
We all know that the primary focus of the Spartan coin is to help those in need by way of sponsorship. We are not limited to any group, person or category. Our main focus is just simply to help. Many of us Spartans are huge sport fans of all types, we also support talents from all walks of life. By design anyone can be sponsored. Once the website is up and running anyone can sign up and begin a campaign. For now... we will be searching as a community to find individuals or teams to sponsor that are in the best interest of the community. But please note that we also live by honor and integrity here in Sparta.  Please do not post your neighbors sister who sings awesome in the basement when no one is listening. We do not want our purpose exploited with the wrong intentions. If you have done some research on any big events that will provide huge publicity then feel free to start a new topic and share. We will be gathering lists and as a community we can decide the next course of action.

Let's go Spartans. Aroo!!

If anyone has a Bitcoin/Altcoin group or a page that you personally moderate and would like to earn 5,000 SPN per day, follow the steps below.

1. Upload the attached photo to be your cover photo in your group.
2. Post the url in this thread
3. Post your SPN wallet address for daily payment
4. You will be paid for each 24 hour period your banner is up
5. Your group must be active and have more than 1,000 members

Thank you.

Want to earn 300 SPN? Register at our new forum and post in the "Welcome Spartans" section and you will receive 300 Spartancoins.

Bonus: Refer a friend and when they sign up if they mention your forum username we will give you 300 SPN for recruiting them.
Unlimited amount of referrals available. Lets build our community.

You can download our wallet here.

I am considering contacting group admins on facebook to offer  a bounty of Spartancoins in exchange for them posting our Banner as their header image for all members to see.  Any thoughts or specific groups you think would be great to target let me know.

also we will most like need donations to help in this area. I you are interested in assisting any way let me know.

Facebook Donation address (SPN): SKjJFHmXNKHeZjkk1pu1nRcWc4kcHnMtMc

If you are a group or page moderator and want to earn 5,000 SPN daily for supporting us send me a message.

Spartancoin - News / Spartancoin Paper wallet is now live
« on: April 11, 2014, 09:29:09 AM »
  We have finally uploaded the paper wallet generator for Spartancoin users. the main thread is here if you would like to contribute to custom wallet designs. We welcome any and all designs.

Spartancoin Paper wallet Thread in the Community Contributions section

Create Your Own Spartancoin Paper Wallet

Community Contributions / Spartancoin Blockchain Explorer
« on: April 10, 2014, 10:13:40 PM »
We have 2 locations to view the Spartancoin Blockchain. If you are interested in contributing by adding another url, possibly with more features, post it in here and we can add it to the list.

Block explorer

Community Contributions / Spartancoin Paper Wallet Generator Template
« on: April 10, 2014, 09:53:28 PM »
Here is the template to make paper wallets for the Spartancoin. It is a png file with transparent section for you to add an image. Once you make a template feel free to upload it here for others to use. If you upload 2 separate images please adhere to these dimensions.

back-300dpi.jpg - 2962px x 971px
front-300dpi.jpg - 2962px x 971px

the files need to name this in order to work... just replace your existing files with these to swap layouts.

Create Your Own Spartancoin Paper Wallet

Download Template

Welcome Spartans!! / Welcome Spartans - Please read before posting.
« on: April 10, 2014, 06:17:54 PM »
On behalf of the Spartan community... Welcome. From the start this has been a very exciting project and our purpose as we move forward is only going to get better. We welcome every new Spartan with big Aroo!! and if you are lucky... some Spartancoins too.  So please feel free to post a new topic introducing yourself.

1. Post your user name or real name whichever you prefer..
2. Post your interest in Spartancoin and how you found us.
3. Post your skills or other ways in which you would like to help build the community (optional info)
4. Post your Spartan wallet address and you just might receive some Spartancoins from a loyal community member.
5. Most important... Welcome new Spartans to the community when you can.

Thank you all and welcome to toughest, baddest community in the world.   Aroo!!



SpartanCoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on Litecoin v0.8.6.2 source code.

Algorithm: Scrypt
Max Coins: 100 billion SPN
Block Time: 120 seconds
Difficulty Retarget: Every block using Kimoto’s gravity well.
Block halving rate: 400,000 blocks

Pre-mined: 3% (for use in ICO only) see details here


150,000 SPN per block

Special block reward

Block 11 – 7,500 = reward 300,000 coins
Block 7,501 – 15,000 = reward 200,000 coins
Block 15,001 –22,500 = reward 100,000 coins
Block 22,501 –30,000 = reward 50,000 coins


Github Source
Source files

Windows wallet
Windows Wallet link

Mac wallet
Mac Wallet link

Linux wallet

coming soon!


Reddit- Spartan Tipping War
SPARTANS let's go to war...Aroo!!

Giveaways - Spartan Coins
Facebook Spartan 300 Giveaway - simply like us - Spartan Giveaway
Bitbillions- Spartan 300 Giveaway - Support Thunderclap

Block explorer

Voting on - climbing fast come show your support.

Pools accepting signups - 1% mining fee accepting signups pool offers its services at 0% fee PROP 1% fee - ( First 10 new accounts 0% fee )
Spn.LightningHash.Com accepting signups - 0% Fees FOREVER - 1 minute payouts! accepting signups accepting signups

Configuration file

- Russian Thread Version


SpartanCoin will be dedicated to building a viable brand: Buying of goods & Services, Trading, Sponsoring, Donating and more.

One of our primary goals is to allow the use of SpartanCoins to sponsor individuals or events. There are so many people out there with a multitude of talents who bare that inner Spartan intensity needed to win. We want to reward those people. we want to give each and every person an opportunity. So we aren't just a coin... we are a community of doers. Game changers. Clutch players. We are Spartans.

We have a core target but will never limit our reach. Our future is without limits. With that in mind our Team has created a short term and long term goals itinerary to build the user base we need to grow the Spartan coin community. Some features we can build with our own resources and others we will need to employ individuals to build at an expedited rate.

Short term targets include:

    Android and iOS wallets with tipping/sponsorship/donation features.
    Facebook app for sending/receiving coins
    Twitter app for sending/receiving coins
    Youtube button for sending/receiving coins
    Website add-ons for sending/receiving coins on your personal/business website

Long term targets include:

    Ad based system for "adsense" style feature to earn coins via click-thru campaigns
    Our own personal exchange to allow people to swap altcoins for Spartancoins
    Hosted Pre-built splash page for setting up Sponsor/Donation page for anyone needing help.(signup screen and subdomain creation page as well)
    Paid Marketing campaign to build awareness for Spartancoin
    Promoting Spartancoin to major markets to buy goods and services

Spartancoin is a very ambitious project that needs your help and support. In addition to building a solid long standing coin on the outside, Spartancoin is looking to build an internal structure that is solid and strong enough to live forever. A strong product idea is great but won't last on its own. Even a solid marketing plan, though necessary, wont garauntee success. What we need is a strong internal community. We have created a 2 phase system to attract individuals who have the same desire as us. Our 2 phase system allows individuals to invest bitcoin to help us move our projects forward. The return for your support we will provide Spartancoins to each investor. We are also looking to send monthly coin distributions beyond the initial coins received. This is a long term opportunity for all those that believe in us. You can read more about the ICO available on the investment page. Spartancoin features are being built now.

Thank you all in advance for your support.

Questions see our FAQ or Contact  Us page.


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SHARED OUR COIN INFO. WE HAVE HANDED OUT ALL 50 PROMOTIONAL ICO SLOTS. If you would like to invest in Spartancoin the ICO is still open. Join Our Community of Spartans Now.


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