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Title: Please Read before posting!!!
Post by: SpartancoinMod on April 16, 2014, 12:14:33 AM
We all know that the primary focus of the Spartan coin is to help those in need by way of sponsorship. We are not limited to any group, person or category. Our main focus is just simply to help. Many of us Spartans are huge sport fans of all types, we also support talents from all walks of life. By design anyone can be sponsored. Once the website is up and running anyone can sign up and begin a campaign. For now... we will be searching as a community to find individuals or teams to sponsor that are in the best interest of the community. But please note that we also live by honor and integrity here in Sparta.  Please do not post your neighbors sister who sings awesome in the basement when no one is listening. We do not want our purpose exploited with the wrong intentions. If you have done some research on any big events that will provide huge publicity then feel free to start a new topic and share. We will be gathering lists and as a community we can decide the next course of action.

Let's go Spartans. Aroo!!